How to get Clubhouse invite? App reveals invitation system will VANISH very soon

CLUBHOUSE is finally scrapping its invitation system – but when?

Here’s everything we know about the app, including the soon-to-be-redundant invites.

The app was originally only available on iPhone, but is now also out on AndroidCredit: Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a live audio app whose members join on an invite-only basis.

It’s a bit like radio, podcasts and Reddit all rolled into one.

People will host various “conversations” in virtual rooms where other users can join and listen in.

Each Clubhouse room has a maximum capacity of 5,000 users.

It’s also possible to “join” the conversation by virtually raising your hand.

The moderator of the chat can then allow you to enter – or decline your request.

There are regular shows, celebrity guests and more.

It’s estimated that more than 2million people are currently Clubhouse members on Android – and 10million on iPhone.

You currently need an invite to use Clubhouse

You currently need an invite to use ClubhouseCredit: Unsplash

How is Elon Musk involved?

Elon Musk made headlines in early February when he made an appearance on Clubhouse.

The Tesla titan was appearing on The Good Time Show, which is a late-night show featuring guests.

Musk’s session very quickly hit the room cap of 5,000 listeners, and several rooms had to be created to capture the excess fans.

Many saw it as a major endorsement of Clubhouse, and gave the app significant publicity.

How do you get Clubhouse invites?

There’s no way to simply sign up to Clubhouse.

It works on an invite-only system, and these invites are very limited.

Every person who joins needs an invitation from an existing Clubhouse user.

And each new user will get two invites of their own to share.

There are some services online selling Clubhouse invites, but these can cost anywhere from $25 to $125.

However, this will soon change.

Clubhouse has vowed to scrap the invite system in the near future.

In a tweet, Clubhouse wrote: “Heading for general release sometime this summer!

“That means the next few updates will be about discovery, notifications, and less visible but very crucial improvements.”

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