How to see and use Spotify’s Only You feature – and reveal your audio birth chart

SPOTIFY has launched a new “Only You” feature for its Android and iOS app.

A bit like the annual Spotify Wrapped event, the feature can spot your favourite artists and give you a personalised playlist.

Find the feature on your Search pageCredit: Spotify

How to use Spotify Only You Feature

Open your Spotify app and then click on ‘Search’.

You should spot the Only You feature at the top of the page, it states ‘Find out how you listen’.

Click on it and you’ll start seeing an Instagram Story-style reveal of which artists you listen to most.

It reveals your favourite genres, time periods and even an ‘audio birth chart’ of your favourite artists.

The feature is similar to Spotify Wrapped but you don't have to wait until Christmas time to use it

The feature is similar to Spotify Wrapped but you don’t have to wait until Christmas time to use itCredit: Alamy

The feature reveals pairs of artists that contrast to show your listening range.

It then asks you to pick your dream dinner party guests from a selection of your top artists to create a playlist.

Finally, you can share all the information you just found out with your friends via social media.

Spotify is also working on a new Blend experience that can merge your favourite songs with those of a friend.

You’ll just need to invite a friend who has a free or premium Spotify account.

The platform said in a blog post: “Currently in beta, Blend is a new way for two friends to merge their musical tastes into one curated playlist made just for them.

“The feature is available globally and you can find the Blend beta experience in the ‘Made for Two’ shelf within the Only You hub.”

Spotify Only You features

Here’s what the feature can tell you…

Your Artist Pairs

Your Song Year

Your Time of Day

Your Genres/Topics

Your Audio Birth Chart

Your Dream Dinner Party

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How often do you use Spotify? Let us know in the comments…

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