Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer live now – out October & beta in July

EA and DICE have finally unveiled what was until now known only as Battlefield 6, with 128 players, seven maps, and multiple new modes.

Rumours and leaks have been circulating for months now but EA has finally confirmed that the new Battlefield will be out on October 22 and is called Battlefield 2042.

You can see the reveal trailer below, with a longer gameplay video due to premiere at Microsoft’s E3 2021 conference on Sunday.

As rumoured, the game will allow for battles featuring up to 128 players on the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC. The game will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but on those formats battles will be limited to a maximum of 64 players.

The game does not have a single-player campaign (although you can play solo against newly improved AI) but the near future setting does have a specific back story, involving environmental disasters, footage shortages, and a major refugee crisis.

This draws the US and Russia into a new world war but much of the game revolves around ‘non-patriated’ civilians and military who end up joining both sides of the conflict.

The environmental issues are reflected in-game, with the weather changing in real-time and including massive tornadoes and sandstorms that can arrive very suddenly.

Battlefield 2042 – yep, that’s a Battlefield (pic: EA)

The standard Battlefield classes have now become Specialists, with their own unique traits, specialities, and customisable loadouts. You can read more about them and the six maps that launch with the game here.

Because of the 128-player option, the maps will be bigger than ever before, although traditional play modes such as Conquest and Breakthrough will still feature.

There’ll also be a new squad-based game mode called Hazard Zone, plus another one that is yet to be announced but which DICE insist is not a battle royale.

Whatever it is, DICE describe it as ‘a love letter to Battlefield fans and one that long-time players will feel right at home with’. It will be unveiled at the EA Play Live event on July 22 – which is the closest thing EA has to an E3 conference this year.

Battlefield 2042 is already available for pre-order, with three different editions to choose from. The Gold Edition (£89.99) and Ultimate Edition (£109.99) will release a week early, on October 15.

Beyond that there’s a closed ‘technical playtest’ planned for early July but only for Battlefield veterans, so most people won’t be able to get into that.

There will be an open beta before launch, but probably only a few weeks beforehand.

Battlefield 2042 screenshot

Battlefield 2042 is looking pretty next gen (pic: EA)

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