Call Of Duty 2021 will add new map to Warzone – won’t be at E3 2021

Call Of Duty is going back to WW2 and it’s taking Warzone with it (pic: Activision)

This year’s Call Of Duty will be a no-show at E3 but rumours suggest its release will see Verdansk from Warzone replaced with a brand new map.

Now that all the dates and times have been announced for E3 2021 there’s a few big names that are obviously missing. Everyone knows Sony won’t be there, but it’s now been confirmed that Activision won’t be taking part either.

Activision have been reducing their involvement in E3 for years now, so it’s no surprise they’re not listed by the ESA as one of the companies taking part, but they often turn up at Sony or Microsoft’s conference to reveal a new Call Of Duty trailer.

According to website VGC though that won’t be happening this year, in large part because Activision still has a marketing arrangement with Sony and they aren’t there either. Activision will unveil the Warzone Season 4 trailer during the Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live event on Thursday, June 10 but apparently that will be the limit of their involvement with anything E3-related.

Instead of E3, Activision are supposedly planning to reveal this year’s new game, widely believed to be called Call Of Duty: Vanguard, later this summer, probably as part of an in-game event for Warzone – just as happened last year with Black Ops Cold War.

In non-pandemic times Call Of Duty is usually unveiled in late spring or early summer but even if the delays caused by the coronavirus weren’t an issue Warzone has become so important that it’s now the natural place to make any big announcements about the franchise.

Vanguard is believed to be set during the Second World War, as a follow-up to 2017’s Call Of Duty: WW2 – with both games being made by Sledgehammer Games.

According to VGC’s sources the game will be set in both the European and Pacific theatres, with a plot based around the emergence of modern style Special Forces (so presumably a lot of SAS battles in the desert, if nothing else).

The game is expected to include the standard story campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies modes but will also impact Warzone a lot more, and a lot more quickly, than Cold War.

The current Verdansk map only switched to a 1980s setting relatively recently – when ideally it would’ve changed as soon as Cold War came out. There’ll apparently be much less of a delay with Vanguard though, which rather than adapting the Verdansk map will introduce a brand new one.

Supposedly the map will be ‘significantly’ larger than Verdasnsk and set in the Pacific theatre, with new era-appropriate vehicles to get around on.

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