Call of Duty Season 4 release date – when does Warzone Season 3 end?

CALL of Duty Season 3 will soon come to an end – and all-out warfare will begin anew with Season 4.

We’ve got all the latest info on Warzone Season 4, including the most likely release date.

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Call of Duty Season 4 is right around the cornerCredit: Activision

Call of Duty Season 4 – when is it out?

Call of Duty seasons come out in the same rough schedule.

Each season typically lasts two months, and introduces a host of updates.

Call of Duty Season 3 came out on April 22, and is still adding content.

But the Battle Pass is due to end on June 15, which gives us a big clue as to when the new season will start.

Seasons typically begin immediately after the old Battle Pass ends.

Gamers are gearing up for big changes to Call of Duty

Gamers are gearing up for big changes to Call of DutyCredit: Activision

So we’d probably see a release date of between June 15 and June 18.

That’s roughly two months on from the launch of Season 3, fitting with the general release schedule.

However, Activision hasn’t confirmed these dates, so take them with due caution for now.

Call of Duty Season 4 news and rumours – what to expect

It’s impossible to say exactly what’s coming in Season 4, but we have some ideas.

For a start, every new season introduces plenty of bonus content.

This will almost certainly include part of a new overarching storyline that affects Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone.

We’re also likely to get new weapons and Operators – and fresh skins for both.

Bug fixes will be aplenty, with balance tweaks for guns and changes to Verdansk to prevent map exploits.

And we could see more substantial changes to Verdansk.

Season 3 introduced a large overhaul of the Warzone map, recreating buildings, re-doing textures and significantly revamping some areas of Verdansk.

It seems unlikely that a major Verdansk makeover is on the way so soon.

But some small portions of the map could be tweaked to keep Warzone feeling fresh.

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