Elden Ring E3 2021 hopes rise as Bandai Namco reveal conference times

Elden Ring – will they save the best till last? (pic: Bandai Namco)

One of the biggest unanswered questions of E3 2021 might not be resolved until the very last conference of the show next week.

The best thing to hope for at E3 is a good secret, of which hopefully Microsoft and Nintendo have many, but of all the games that are known about Elden Ring is probably the most anticipated.

There is virtually no official information about the game but the fact that it’s an open world evolution of Dark Souls, by original creators FromSoftware, has been more than enough to get fans excited.

There have been multiple rumours on whether the game will or won’t be at E3, but publisher Bandai Namco has never given any hint either way. What they have now done though is announce their E3 conference as Tuesday, June 15 at 10.25pm BST – the last major event of the week.

Whether Bandai Namco specifically asked for that time or not is unknown but in a normal year you’d expect the game to be unveiled earlier, at either Sony or Microsoft’s events at the weekend.

Since only Microsoft is attending this year though that leaves only one option and it seems unlikely that they’d suddenly be playing host to every major third party announcement, as well as their own. But who knows, maybe they will – there has, after all, never been an E3 quite like this one.

What’s also unusual about this online-only E3 is that it’s taken so long for everyone to announce their dates and times, but organisers the ESA have finally published the schedule below.

Bandai Namco were one of the last major publishers to announce their times, along with Gearbox (who are rumoured to be showing a new Tiny Tina Borderlands spin-off) at 10pm on Saturday, Warner Bros. at 10pm on Sunday with Back 4 Blood, and 2K on Monday 6.15pm BST with potentially multiple new game announcements.

You can find the full list of updated conferences here in UK time or peruse the official schedule below, which includes a number of smaller company presentations and things like the official E3 awards show.

E3 2021 schedule

All this is in L.A. time (pic: ESA)

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