Gorgeous black and red PS5 DualSense controllers unveiled by Sony – and they’re out next month

SONY has unveiled two new DualSense controllers for the sold-out PlayStation 5.

Out next month, the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red editions of the wireless joypad start at just under $70/£60.

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The PlayStation 5 controller will soon come in Cosmic Red and Midnight BlackCredit: sony

They follow the same design as the original PS5 controller, which is a mix of white and black shades.

Cosmic Red combines black and red tones, while Midnight Black features subtler shades of black and grey.

Sony announced the new hues in a post to the official PlayStation blog on Thursday.

Both controllers hit shelves next month, but release dates will vary by region.

The Cosmic Red edition of the DualSense controller mixes black and red tones

The Cosmic Red edition of the DualSense controller mixes black and red tonesCredit: sony

In the US, the new colours will drop on June 11 and are available to pre-order now on pre-order on Amazon or with PS Direct.

They’ll release in the UK a week later, on June 18. You can pre-order the pads at GAME.

Midnight Black costs the standard $69.99/ £59.99, while Cosmic Red is a little pricier at $74.99/ £64.99.

Sony has yet to announce new colour schemes for the PS5, but designer Leo Cardoso said the controllers match its black-and-white design.

Midnight black combines subtle grey and black hues

Midnight black combines subtle grey and black huesCredit: sony

“We designed the colours around the theme of ‘galaxy’,” he said.

“It felt like a natural progression from the original PS5 and accessories designs.”

Fellow designer Satoshi Aoyagi added that the new editions “feature a subtle blue hue, that produces unique shades of red and black.”

He continued: “A blue hue is also present in the original DualSense wireless controller colours, so all three colours complement each other nicely.”

The PS5 has been largely sold out since it launched in November 2020.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan recently revealed that it would be much easier to get a PS5 from July onwards as production of the console ramps up.

Sadly, reports have suggested that the shortages may continue into 2022.

The full PS5 costs £449/$499, while a Digital Edition without a disc tray is priced at £359/$399.

Sony's PS5 console boasts an unusual white and black design

Sony’s PS5 console boasts an unusual white and black design

They’re up against the Xbox Series X (£449) and Xbox Series S (£249), which hit shelves worldwide November 10.

All four consoles have been sold out around the world, with stock seesawing in and out of availability over the past few weeks.

The PS5 launched with major exclusive games like Spider-Man Miles Morales and a revamped version of Dark Souls for players to enjoy.

Xbox gamers, on the other hand, have a new Halo title to look forward to later this year.

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What do you make of the new controllers? Let us know in the comments!

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