Resident Evil Re:Verse still coming out despite no one asking for it

Is it even worth releasing at this point or should Capcom just put it out of its misery? (pic: Capcom)

Multiplayer Resident Evil Re:Verse isn’t dead yet, although Capcom still hasn’t officially mentioned it over a year.

Does anyone still remember Resident Evil Re:Verse? With how little Capcom has spoken about it, you’d be forgiven for thinking it forgot the game exists as well.

Turns out, much like the franchise’s zombies, it just won’t die and is limping along to release. Recently, a new listing for it was spotted on the European ratings board, PEGI; one that now confirms a Stadia release.

Not that that’s really anything to be excited over. The multiplayer spin-off didn’t exactly resonate well with fans when it was first shown and, after being delayed twice, Capcom stopped talking about it altogether.

The listing doesn’t provide any hint towards a new release window. Funnily enough, the console versions are still marked down as coming out on May 7, 2021, which was the original plan (it was supposed to coincide with Resident Evil Village).

The Stadia version, meanwhile, is listed for May 7, 2022. Obviously, that hasn’t happened, but new ratings tend to herald upcoming releases. So, it’s likely that Capcom is gearing up to release Resident Evil Re:Verse in the coming months.

Perhaps the long absence is because it’s been taking the time to address all the criticisms (in particular its peculiar, not quite cel-shaded art style) and make the game more appealing.

As a reminder, Re:Verse is a deathmatch game for up to six players, where you take control of iconic Resident Evil heroes and villains.

Had it released as planned, you would’ve got it for free if you bought Resident Evil Village. It remains to be seen if this will still be the case or if Capcom will just release it separately.

Unfortunately, this is the only Resident Evil game in the pipeline at the moment. A Resident Evil 9 is undoubtedly on the cards and there have been constant rumours of a Resident Evil 4 remake, but Capcom hasn’t officially acknowledged either.

Resident Evil Re:Verse will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, and Stadia.

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