There’s a secret Dragon Age 4 alpha on PSN but you can’t play it

Dragon Age 4 might be breaking cover next month (pic: EA)

Dragon Age 4 may be further along than many realised, as dataminers uncover a hidden file lurking on the PlayStation Store.

Although it was first announced in late 2018 there’s never really been any clue as to what Dragon Age 4 is or when it’ll be out, despite occasional teaser trailers and equally vague concept art.

There’s not even any clue as to what year it will be released, which provided relatively little hope that it would appear at the EA Play Live event next month. However, that now seems much more likely, thanks to the discovery of a file on the PlayStation Store that implies something Dragon Age 4 related is being uploaded in July.

Whether it’s a trailer, demo or merely a pre-order listing is unknown, but Twitter account PlayStation Game Size found the reference while doing its usual trawl for updates.

The discovery is similar to the one that unearthed Star Wars: Squadrons, which is also an EA game. In that case there was a demo for something codenamed Maverick, which seems to have been used for multiplayer testing before the official announcement.

There’s been no suggestion that Dragon Age 4 has any multiplayer component, in fact quite the opposite, but it’s probably best not to rule the possibility out entirely.

The EA Play Live event on July 22 is the closest thing EA has to an E3 showcase this year and is set to include new looks at Battlefield 2042 and this year’s new sports titles.

Apex Legends will no doubt also be there and perhaps the new Skate game too, which has been announced but never seen in public before.

A Dead Space revival has also been heavily rumoured, but at this point there’s now more hard evidence for Dragon Age 4…

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