Why GTA 5 is so much better than Cyberpunk 2077 – Reader’s Feature

Cyberpunk 2077 – things didn’t go to plan (pic: CD Projekt Red)

A reader argues that even without the bugs Cyberpunk 2077 still isn’t a good game and that CD Projekt should concentrate on The Witcher 4.

Just when you think the games industry has reached a certain level of maturity and sophistication, along comes a massive blunder that makes you wonder whether the people in charge are even on this planet. The most recent example of this has been, of course, Cyberpunk 2077, which in November of last year was expected to be one of the best and biggest games of all time and by December was instead one of the most infamous disasters.

CD Projekt have no one to blame but themselves, since they obviously knew the state of the game before they released it on consoles, but why they thought people wouldn’t care is something I’ll never understand, especially as… it’s not really that good a game even when it does work properly.

I got the game on PC, so I wasn’t affected by the bugs as much (although they were still pretty bad at launch and have only got less severe more recently). What I was affected by though was boredom, disappointment, and a new appreciation for how much better Rockstar, and a number of others, are at making open world environments.

There’s obviously a lot of surface similarities between Cyberpunk 2077 and GTA but despite even GTA 5 being so old it still does everything that CD Projekt are attempting so much better. The way it differentiates the different areas of the map and different communities, is perfectly done. It’s subtle but the buildings, the people that live there – you always know exactly where you are and what each area is about.

With Cyberpunk, too much of it looks the same and nowhere is particularly interesting. You don’t look at the skyline and think ‘I want to go there!’ you just follow your missions and wish everywhere wasn’t so samey. The AI for people is somehow worse that GTA 5, where there’s not even a pretence that anyone is real or going about their own business.

Instead of exploring for hours, and never even bothering with the story missions, in Cyberpunk you just plod on with what you’re supposed to do and quickly lose interest in the world itself. Few of the characters are very interesting and the dialogue is either flat or trying painfully hard to appear cool – or at least cool as 15-year-old without many friends sees it.

GTA 5 is obnoxious but it’s also trying to be satirical. Cyberpunk just seems badly written and… that’s it.

The plot is bad too and makes very little use of the cyberpunk setting. The main themes of cyberpunk, especially the domination of corporations, is barely touched upon and the whole thing comes across as very tame and unimaginative if you’ve read or watched any actual cyberpunk fiction.

I wouldn’t pretend it’s a terrible game but it’s very ordinary and absolutely not worth the hype or waiting for the patches to have it work properly. More importantly it’s not a tenth the game The Witcher 3 was.

I know CD Projekt are talking about multiplayer modes and spin-offs and everything for Cyberpunk but they should just get out now rather than throwing good money after bad. Cyberpunk 2077 sales are tanking, the name is mud, and the next gen versions, when they arrive, aren’t going to make nearly as much difference as they’re probably counting on.

As far as I’m concerned CD Projekt should accept the whole thing has been a disaster and get out of there as soon as they can. Keeping patching the game, of course, but once it’s up and working forget it and just get to work on The Witcher 4 instead. I don’t know if that had different writers or if it’s the same and they’re just no good at sci-fi but nothing that made The Witcher 3 great is obvious in Cyberpunk.

Even the side missions are nowhere near as interesting and while it never was the best open world it was still better and more varied than Cyberpunk. I imagine there’s still a good chance CD Projekt could go under for all this, or be bought up for next to nothing, but it’d be a real shame as they’ve obviously got lots of talented people working there. They just need to be put to work on the right thing, which is clearly fantasy and not sci-fi.

By reader Ishi

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